Friday, July 2, 2010

Cleaning the Shower Doors and Such

So this week's Big Project is putting a new floor in the bathroom. Don't worry: before and after pictures are coming. I mentioned a few days ago that my brother-in-law came to town to help Dr. H. in this immense project. Because he has knowledge and tools.

They are working really hard. I am so excited to have a new floor. Black mold is sooo out of style. But I don't get to just sit on my butt during this process. I have been charged with cleaning the shower doors. This is not fun. I despise shower doors. I want to buy pretty a pretty shower curtain from Target. I want to be able to change out this shower curtain for a new one when I get tired of it. But Dr. H. and his brother say [BLAH BLAH BLAH] (something about how shower doors are better than shower curtains [BLAH BLAH BLAH].

It takes a lot of work to clean shower doors that have a lot of soap scum on them. Please don't think I am an utter slob. I really clean the shower doors regularly. It's just that, well, they look ONE way in the bathroom in the dim light, and another way out in the sunlight when you go to clean them.

Don't judge me.

And so here is what I have discovered by googling "how to clean a shower door." WD40 is the bomb for cleaning shower doors. I tried toilet bowl cleaner initially, and that did okay but not great. But smearing WD40 all over the shower door and then scrubbing with a green scrubby pad worked great. Unfortunately, if you shower doors are as bad as mine were, you have to actually use some muscle. And wear gloves, please. (If your husband is a scientist like mine, ask him to bring them home from the lab. That's handy.)

After smearing and scrubbing, wipe it down with a rag and then smear it with liquid dishwasher detergent. This cuts the grease and makes it shiny. Now you can rinse off all the cleaners, wipe it dry, and hopefully you'll have a sparkly shower door.

See mine sparkling in the sunlight? I know! It's amazing!

And then there is the toilet in the front yard. I felt compelled to live by the old adage, "If you're going to have a toilet in your front yard, make sure it's clean."

That's my fourth pair of gloves for the day. I bet all those people coming home from work today enjoyed watching me clean my toilet.

Enough scum and such. Let's look at something pretty:

Happy holiday weekend!

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  1. I completely agree with you about shower doors. When we purchased this house, we had the option of having them put in shower doors. Hubby wanted them but somehow I won out and did not get them. I bought a pretty shower curtain and I spray the liner with a bleach/water solution. No mold, no scum, cleaness all the time!

  2. Good Gravy! You don't know how long I've been waiting for someone to reveal the secret to rem soap scrum build up on a shower door! No kidding WD-40. I'll give a go!
    Thanks for sharing, and I DO appreciate your humor.

  3. My husband keeps saying we should put in shower doors. But he isn't the one who will be cleaning them. Or that track they sit on. Ugh.

  4. LOVE your picture- and you think you aren't BRAVE enough to participate in "what i wore wednesday"...

  5. an excellent rule of thumb... if you're going to have a toilet in the front yard, make sure it's clean!

    I love it. Good job!

  6. I am very impressed! Though I still heed to have a talk with Dr. H about a curtain for you...

  7. You look terrific. . .even cleaning a toilet in the front yard. :-) Be proud, girl!


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