Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Miscellany

* Poor Randy. He is out on the sun porch, AKA the pet room, cleaning up cat vomit and the ants that are flocking to the vomit. Pets are so disgusting and so much work. I have no idea why we insist on having them, other than that we truly adore them. Most of the time.

* I would feel guilty that he is out there doing such a nasty job, except that I've been working my butt off all day, painting and cleaning. One of my goals this summer is to paint the guest bathroom. I have just one more coat to go, and I'll be done! Of course, I also got distracted and decided to paint a dresser and some picture frames.

* This has been a fantastic summer for company. We are truly blessed. In May, we had the Campbells (incredible friends we met via blogging, yes really) and the Shields (soulmate college friends), and Randy's family. In June we had Randy's brother Greg. In July I got to have lunch with some of our best friends from our Iowa days, and on Monday, our other best friends from Iowa are coming to visit. I just feel so grateful to have all these people in our lives. Also, my house has gotten several good cleanings this summer!

* Duncan spent the night on a boat with his friend last night (and his friend's father and grandpa). He had a fantastic time and stayed up really late. Today, he is trying everything to stay awake. This mostly means that he is eating and talking nonstop. He's still awake, but I'm exhausted. I am trying all kinds of things to distract him so that I can have a few minutes sans chatter. Up next: corn shucking.

* I've now finished Week 6 of Couch to 5K. I am so not a runner, and I've always despised running, but I love this program. And I ran 25 minutes twice this week! Having friends to do this with makes all the difference in the world. I can do just about anything if I have someone with whom to talk.

* Speaking of talking, shucking the corn only distracted Duncan for 5 minutes. That kid is fast. He is now crawling between the cabinet and the refrigerator, chattering all the time. Next distraction: I've told him to go in his room and pick up 50 items.

* You know what's sad? Schools in my city started back a week ago. The school is right by the city pool. Imagine being in school on a hot day in July, watching people swim. I can deal with the whole starting-school-before-Labor-Day thing, although I find it irksome. But starting school in July? I'm pretty sure there should be a law forbidding that.

* And here's another thing that's irksome (I've never used that word before, so why not use it twice?): the pools around here close tomorrow, August 1. It's so absurd, I can't even think about it without grimacing and wanting to write a letter to the powers-that-be.

* Duncan's back, after cleaning up 50 items, playing the piano, and looking at an argiope spider. I've completely lost every thought in my head. He just announced, "I'm hungry." Shocking.

Anything irksome happening in your world today?

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  1. Irksome: Trying to renew your library books online just to find some magazines you checked out that you really didn't enjoy that much are overdue with enough of a fine to cause an emergency trip to the library on Sunday so all your other 15 things do not have a fine. Also, one of them I turned in on time to the desk because it was old and the cover was falling off.
    Just had to vent, sorry!


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