Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Bathroom Floor Project

So back a couple of months ago, I noticed that the black moldy stain that had been creeping across our bathroom floor for a year or more was getting soft, as in "Hmm. I wonder if I'll fall through the floor to the basement today?" So I said to Dr. H., "Are we ignoring the rotting bathroom floor?"

"Yes," he replied. I felt it important to mention to him that his brother, the computer/stock market/cooking/handyman guru, would likely not allow him to ignore the problem when he came to visit.

When his brother came to visit for Jesse's graduation, he casually said on the last night, "So, Randy. What are you going to do about the bathroom floor?"

"Um," Dr. H. replied. And so, his amazingly wonderful brother came back a couple of weeks later with all his skills and a truck piled with tools.

The first thing they had to do, after taking out the toilet and putting it in my front yard, was rip up the rotting floor. They discovered that this same project had been done before by the previous owners years before. Hmm.

That's just one of the boxes of rotten wood.

Eventually, the cut away all the rot and mold and got to the original subfloor.…

And then put in a new subfloor. I can now use the word "subfloor" with ease.

They made trips to Home Depot at least once each day. This is what every surface of the bathroom looked like, and much of the dining room and living room, too. Plus, of course, there were a plunger and a toilet bowl brush by the living room couch, a toilet in the front yard, and shower doors on the ping pong table.

But that was all a necessary part of getting to this: our new bathroom floor. It is so pretty! I love it so much. And I love my brother-in-law so much for working his butt off for seven days for us. He even cooked supper twice AND bought us the game UpWords, to which we are now addicted.

And now Dr. H. feels sufficiently skilled to tackle our upstairs bathroom, which has gray carpet stained with red puke.

Don't ask.


  1. Nice! Glad you got it done before you fell through the rotten floor!

  2. What a huge project. But it turned out great! Glad you didn't fall through!

  3. Lovely! =) Sure wouldn't have been so lovely if someone had fallen through. Looks like you got the job done just in the "nick of time". The joy of being a "homeowner" is being experienced at our home as well. Deck staining and porch painting are in our near future. Oh the joy of maintainence!!! =)


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