Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Ramblings

* I have a renewed love of Fridays. Most years we have some kind of activity on Fridays. This year: nothing. Fridays are completely void of regular activities, except for a monthly hiking club. But hiking is pure pleasure anyway.

* We also have nothing on Wednesdays, so between Wednesday and Fridays, we get a heck of a lot of school done.

* But Thursdays are another story. Yesterday was our first day back at American Heritage Girls and Cub Scouts, which means that we headed out the door at 1:15 and returned around 6. The first day is always chaotic; we expect that. What I didn't anticipate was the suffocating heat in the sanctuary, where the majority of our meeting was held! The thermostat was locked in its energy-saving setting; for some bizarre reason I was wearing jeans, even though I knew it was nearly 90 degrees outside; and it was also nearly 90 degrees inside. Then again, if that's the biggest of my complaints, I really should shut my mouth.

* Moving on: my college boy is coming home for a brief visit this weekend! His "friend" is having her 16th birthday party, so he's coming home for that. After the party his two best friends will meet him at our house, because it has been 3 whole weeks since they've seen each other. He has to be back on campus tomorrow evening for a concert, but at least we'll get to see him for a few hours.

* A friend who is a speech therapist is coming to evaluate Duncan today. We thought he would outgrow his articulation delay with the "L" and "R" sounds, as his older brother did. But as he is getting close to 10 and not making much improvement, we thought it was time to call in a specialist. He'd do great in Boston, but in the South? Not so much.

* Besides that, today's main task involves stocking up on snack food for Jesse and his friends. They eat a lot.

Hope you all have a great Friday!


  1. I feel the way about Thursdays that you do about Wednesdays and Fridays...I LOVE days when homeschool is ACTUALLY at home! :0)

  2. I am not sure we are going to have any days this fall when we can stay home. But at least some days nothing happens till late afternoon.

    Enjoy your college student this weekend!

  3. Friday is a fabulous day to have nothing to do but schooling and frivolity! ;D Sounds like you have many wonderful experiences to enjoy.

    PS Days with nothing are days filled with everything.
    Corine :D

  4. Hi! This is random, but I found your blog through a simple search of Knoxville, TN blogs. We're moving there next week, so I thought I'd get connected with other bloggy moms! ha! I am also interested in homeschooling, though my girls are a little young for school yet. I hear Knoxville is a great city!!


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