Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning

I am enjoying the rarest of mornings: I am all by myself in the house! Laurel is babysitting, and the boys left for a hike at 7 a.m. I intended to sleep late and luxuriously, but of course I was out of bed by 7. I went for a morning run, lovely except for the two white pitbulls that came charging at me. Their owner called them off (somehow the names Lily and Lucy softened the fact that pitbulls were nipping at my heels) and I headed over to my parents' house for an early morning visit.

I've already done two loads of laundry and worked out the schedule for the Readers' Theatre class I'm co-teaching at our enrichment classes. Next up: lesson plans for my creative writing class and literature circle class. But first I needed a little blogging/Facebook break.

This is going to be a crazy week coming up as we plunge back into Cub Scouts and American Heritage Girls, so I'm enjoying a peaceful, productive day. And I must add that I have the windows open and the a/c off for the first time in months!

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  1. Our windows are open too! It's very breezy and just a little warm today.

    Thanks for joining me this Saturday morning!

  2. Boy, I must say, I love productive mornings-alone- like that...of course, I also love lazy mornings-alone- too...

    It's just nice to be by yourself every now and again!

    (And I LOVE this fall-like morning weather!!!)

  3. If you are concerned about the dogs charging you, check with your area's leash laws.

    Our street had a pit bull attack and kill a small dog on a leash. The pit bull could have killed the little toddler, but went for the dog instead.

    You were lucky, but maybe someone or something smaller wouldn't be. This pit bull was always under voice control before, so we don't know what happened.


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