Tuesday, April 5, 2011

National Poetry Month

April is one of my favorite months, filled with birthdays and flowering things and—it's national poetry month! I hope to devote at least a few posts this month to poetry, and I'll start by reposting this article that I had up on The Homeschool Classroom last summer:

Reading Poetry with Children

“Whatever you do, find ways to read poetry. Eat it, drink it, enjoy it, and share it.”
~Eve Merriam

Poetry is terribly misunderstood. Most of us were introduced to complex, often incomprehensible poetry when we were in school and learned quickly to dislike it. But poetry doesn’t have to be a jungle of symbolism and metaphor, heavy with hidden meaning. …

{Catch the rest of this post over at The Homeschool Classroom !}

The Homeschool Classrom

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