Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good News!

March 13, 2008

I absolutely love this: the Cates of Why Homeschool have started a "Good News Thursday" on their blog. I love that Kristina pointed this out on her blog because Kristina and I have commiserated about how aggravated we get with all the focus on bad news. School shootings, teacher/student scandals, controversial curriculum--why do we have to focus on the bad stuff all the time? I believe we need give good things much, much more attention than we give bad things. Kind of like in a typical classroom, when the "bad" kids get all the attention and the "good" kids doodle in their notebooks, waiting for someone to praise them for quietly doing their work. Negative attention is, after all, attention.

And so here is my good news for this Thursday. The daffodils are popping out like crazy around here. My Dad and the two younger kids are out in the yard playing frisbee. My mom reported to me that yesterday, my seven-year-old, up in a tree, said: "Oma, look!" He pointed to the sunset and said, "This is my favorite thing to do. Sit in my tree and watch the sun set."

Good things happen every day.

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