Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Ramblings

March 13, 2008

* I made The Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever for our parenting class last night, and I was right: it is truly unbelievable. I had two pieces. Isn't that revolting? I ate two (2) entire pieces of chocolate cake. I was absolutely correct about the dangers of making this cake.

* Speaking of parenting class, I haven't yet absorbed this yet, but we are done! For six months--since the first week of September!--Dr. H. and I have been facilitating a 2-hour parenting class at our church. Last night was our very last class! I can't even imagine yet what it means to have Wednesday evenings free again, if even just for awhile until something else comes along.

* My Project 52 is up. I'm feeling the itch to dig in the dirt.

* One Child Policy Homeschool shared this fantastic site today: Lapbook Lessons. This is especially timely because our support group is having a lapbooking roundtable on Monday, and I'm compiling a list of resources. I am not a lapbooking expert by any form or fashion (we've completely exactly two), but I'm hoping that we can all learn from each other.

* Happy Birthday today to my wonderful, amazing, fabulous friend Sheila. I simply cannot imagine my life without her.

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