Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring: New Birth

March 19, 2008

* It's spring break here in SmallWorld. Dr. H., after 19 years, is finally relaxing a bit during breaks. For the first 10 years of our marriage, he was finishing his undergrad, then finishing his master's degree, then finishing his PhD. All that intense work = no play. For the next 7-8 years, he was in tenure-mode, which also translates to no such thing as a break. But this past year he has been gloriously set free, and so now he actually takes a modified spring break. That means: sleep late, go to work for a few hours, come home early. I'll take it. And the kids and I are also on spring break, as of today. I've got eggs ready to dye, and the rain has just started pouring down outside. Duncan, of course, is outside in his swim suit, soaking in the gentle spring rain torrential downpour.

* And speaking of spring and new births, this is my beautiful great-nephew, Justus Hamilton Hunter II. He was born Sunday, March 16. Justus II is the firstborn of my niece Ellen and her husband Justus. Prayers for this precious family are appreciated. Baby Justus has several cystic hygromas on his neck that need to be removed. He is scheduled for a 3-4 hour surgery at noon today. I'll update later.

* My Project 52 is up. Psalms and the mountains go hand-in-hand.

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