Monday, March 31, 2008

Exciting News at SmallWorld!

March 31, 2008

1. OK, this is by no means the most exciting piece of news, but it's the most physically obvious to me: I mopped by kitchen and dining room floors! This doesn't happen often, so it is worthy of rejoicing.

2. Next, remember my great-nephew Justus who was born March 16? Just look at this beautiful boy! He has had surgery to remove several cysts, and, since this picture, he has had all his tubes removed. Looks like this precious boy is going home this week!

3. And speaking of babies, Justus is like so already the older cousin! My very first niece, Esther (Ellen's cousin), gave birth to Abigail today! How cool is that? This is Abigail with her Grandma, my sister-in-law Sharon. Is that not a beautiful baby?

My little sweet nieces both had babies this month. I consider that a great gift. They are my little peeps that I spent my own teenager-hood spoiling rotten, so I appreciate their producing offspring for whom I can buy clothes and quality books.

Blessings abound. A mopped floor, though shiny, is nothing. In my family, we've been graced with two new babies this month--the start of the next generation. My Mom and Dad have become great-grandparents. There is a connection I feel with these babies. I want to go to them and hold them, smell their sweet heads, and touch their Mamas' cheeks. I love them already.

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