Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Miscellany

* I really can only blog for a couple of minutes because I can hardly hold up my arms. Seriously, the past 2 days have largely entailed unloaded 450 boxes of citrus from a semi-truck and loading them back into people's trunks. We just got the delivery from our fall citrus fundraiser for American Heritage Girls. I am not a wimpy girl—I do lift weights on a regular basis—but my arms are seriously so tired that I can hardly type. I am pitiful.

* I had the opportunity to be part of the Children's Book Blog Tour this week, reviewing Diane Shore's Thanksgiving book, This Is the Feast. You can check out my reviews here on my SmallWorld Reads blog, but let me just say that I loved this book. I highly recommend adding it to your Thanksgiving collection.

* Even though I could hardly move, I still went to our support group's monthly Moms' Night Out. The company was excellent, the food okay, and the dessert simply perfect.

* And really, that's all I can write. I seriously was going to have this fascinating post today about my life as a census worker, but I just have to put down my arms. Rubber.


  1. Rubber would describe my brain right now. G'night!

  2. Sorry you have rubber arms, but it sounds like it was for a good cause!

  3. Just dropping by to say hello. I love your new site. The pictures are beautiful!


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