Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #13: Mom Help

This week's Homeschool Memoir asks for our "Mom" help: what do we do when we need a break?

First of all, my day usually goes best if I have a couple of hours in the morning to myself. I do the majority of my thinking work (paperwork, stuff for American Heritage Girls, lesson plans, email communications, blogging, etc.) between 7 and 9 a.m. If I don't have that time in the morning, I am generally a bit off for the day.

Besides that, my break time is almost always on the computer. The absolute best way for me to veg out is by playing some kind of word game on Facebook: Prolific (like Boggle), Wordscraper (like Scrabble), or Word Twist (thanks a lot, Marci!). I pretty much lose all of them all the time, but it's fabulous for vegetating. I also have my daily rounds of blog reading, which I save for times when I need a break.

Another way that I clear my head is by cleaning. I'm not by any means a neurotic cleaner, but sometimes I absolutely have to reduce the clutter level in the house in order to restore some kind of balance in myself. Every stack of papers that gets sorted, every surface that gets wiped down, every wilting plant that gets watered helps me feel a bit steadier.

I'm seeing some vacuuming in today's plans.

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  1. I say This too shall pass about clutter!!!

  2. I finally joined this homeschool memoir thing. I have a facebook account but rarely go there. I didnt even know you could play games there. lol Everyone in our church it seems is on there!

    Its interesting to see how everyone destresses!

  3. LOL! I also clean when I need to relax sometimes. It seems to calm me down when I'm stressed out. Must be the idea of being in control of something. Sometimes having a clean house is the only thing I can control! Well, that's assuming the kids are pulling out all the toys right after I clean. Hooray for WordTwist!!

  4. I'm like you, I can't stand the clutter-I work better without it!

    Love your list, thanks for visiting!


  5. Like your list. Yes, I find cleaning to be therapeutic as well. And of course, computer time.


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