Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three Beautiful Things: Check Mark, Exercise, Color

Beauty is not in the face;
beauty is a light in the heart.

~Kahlil Gibran

1. Big Check Mark:
Last night one of those big events happened: our support group's annual Homeschooling 101. Preparing for such an event is both physically and mentally exhausting, and I'm always so happy to check something so big off my to-do list! I love Homeschooling 101, though. I love looking out at the hopeful faces, seeing people laugh and become enthusiastic about homeschooling as they realize that they really can do it.

2. Exercise: My daughter has become my new exercise companion. This morning we had a fantastic walk/run (me) and bike ride (her). I will miss her little girl ways, but it sure is fun having an almost-12-year-old girl.

3. Color: My yard is the most beautiful palette of color right now. Purple columbines; white and pink dogwoods; white lilies-of-the-valley; purple irises; orange marigolds; and red, purple, white, and pink azaleas, all set against the greenest grass we've had in years.

What beautiful things are in your world today?


  1. What is beautiful in my world today? The leaves. The view out all my windows of the fresh-out-of-the-bud green just takes my breath away and is a salve to my limping soul, after so many days of cold and rain.

    You did a great job at HS 101. I marveled as I sat there how anyone could do such a big job so gracefully.


  2. P.S. That's so neat that you are running! I am running, too. I'm trying to work up the courage to move from my solitary gravel road to flatter (and therefore more populous) terrain. What did people do before there were free downloadable podcasts from NPR?

    Call me some day when Laurel can't make it and I'll meet you at the Greenbelt.


  3. So neat to have your daughter as your exercise buddy. It sure makes exercising easier when someone is along for the run!

  4. Your entire street has been gorgeous this spring. Even the children have commented on the color.

    Elaine W.

  5. How sweet to have your daughter as your exercise buddy. I wonder if I can get my dd as mine, too. :D


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