Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Memory: Little Flower

My little girl has a double flower name—Laurel Rose—so it was only appropriate that her first portrait—back when we lived in Iowa— was made with the only flower available at the time, a daffodil. I'd much rather her have had a pink rose, but you take what you can get in Iowa in the "spring." (Iowa doesn't have much of one.)

I've had this 8-month version of my little girl on my mind a lot lately. Laurel (who is now fairly close to 12) and I work in the church nursery on Wednesdays, and there is a sweet 2-year-old girl there who reminds me so much of Laurel at that age. It's one of those uncanny feelings. Same intense look, same little shudder of excitement, same shyness with a yen for adventure barely beneath the surface. And same chubby cheeks and lack of hair! I remember people used to say, "Oh, she'll get it all in when she's about three and she'll have the most gorgeous hair!" It was true.

I miss my baby girl, but I sure am having fun with her now. And I can still catch her eye across a crowded room, and know that we are somehow still attached.


  1. Thanks for leaving a {gulp} lump in my throat...

  2. very baby girl fell asleep on my lap tonight and I didn't want to put her in bed...

  3. I often wonder what happened to those babies that I brought home from the hospital. Now, I have these big kids running around my house, but I swear I brought babies home not that long ago. Where did they go? Childhood is so temporary and I rejoice that we have the freedom to homeschool and have the opportunity to enjoy their childhood all the more. Despite the fact that we have some rough days, my heart is ever grateful.

  4. her eyes are beautiful!

    my heart aches sometimes as well for the baby days. yesterday, cora shea had two girlie girl friends over and i just kept laughing at their giggles. so different from my boys. much noisier!

  5. I love the picture. I'm feeling the same way about my oldest baby. She is turning 10 this summer- double digits! I can't believe it!


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