Saturday, April 4, 2009

WordSmithery: Share Your Writing!

If you've been doing my WordSmithery for awhile now, you've hopefully discovered that one of the best parts is sharing what you've written with each other. When I teach creative writing at our co-op, we take 15 minutes at the beginning of each session to share what we've written during the week at home. In the home setting, we each write in our journals and then share what we've written right away. (And yes, I do the assignments too!)

This space is now dedicated to a broader sharing of writing. Anytime you want, post something in the comments here that your kids (or you) have written based on my WordSmithery lessons, whether it's in the course of the lesson itself, in a journal writing, or for an assignment. If you can, write the week number from which it comes. My goal is eventually to have samples for each week, so that your kids can hear other kids' writings, too!

If you just want to post something that your student has written outside of "class," that's fine, too! But do share!

(See the comments for examples!)


  1. Week 4, Self-Portrait Exercise by Duncan

    My hair is soft like a leopard's fur and messy like a lion's mane.
    My eyes are blue like rushing waters.
    My teeth are white as snow.
    My heart holds happiness that is red as a cardinal.
    I live in a zoo
    and I eat bananas.

  2. Week 4, Journal Writing Days 1 and 2 by Laurel

    Happiness is pink, red, and yellow and tastes like cake and pink lemonade. It smells like fresh, juicy watermelon and looks like a sunny spring afternoon.

  3. Love is a deep red and tastes like dark chocolate. It smells like a slow-burning candle. It feels like a warm fire and sounds like slow violin music. Love is a red rose

    Ellie, 9 (I think week 4)

  4. Boredom is white. Rice, cleaning fluid, empty brain, mute. Boredom is a blank page.

    Ellie, 9

  5. Lesson 8 Form poetry by Maggie:

    Birds chirping like chimes
    Dancing in the summer wind
    Like soft choirs of bells
    Ringing in quiet nature
    Soaring above all living

  6. Lesson 8: Form Poetry by Kelli

    Plaintive Pupppy eyes
    Brown pools with a white sliver
    Begging me for love
    Do you see me? Play with me!
    Soulful reflection of me

  7. Here's a group poem we created for week 7, writing about the weather:

    Sunny Day
    The sunny day flutters in
    and flits from flower bed to bed
    like a marshmallow cloud
    melting across the sky
    and vanishes as suddenly as it came

  8. We really enjoy using your lessons for our creative writing sessions. I work with a group of 7 learners from the age of 7 to 14 in Noordhoek, Cape Town. We have just done lesson 5. Here are some of the group writings we have done

    Pink- by the boys
    Pink looks like the sunset, Pink tastes like strawberry ice-cream, It smells like a rose petal and feels soft as a marshmallow. Pink moves like love and sounds as quiet as the evening sky.

    Black by the girls
    Black feels fresh like the cold wind on a winter morning
    Black looks like a dark and isolated night
    Black tastes like dark chocolate and smells like baseline coffee
    Black moves like a shadow waiting to take its prey
    and sounds silent like the world is holding its breathe

    Music is a world of sound, a wave of melody and a rainbow of sound
    The sun is a ball of fire and a ray of heat
    Water is a sparkling pool, a melting crystal and raindrops that kiss the ground

  9. Kerrin, thank you so much for sharing!! This is absolutely wonderful!


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