Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WordSmithery: Week 4 Enrichment

My kids love doing our WordSmithery journal writings, and we've been doing Week 4 (similes) for a couple of weeks now. Today we did Day 3: "Pick a color. Tell in a sentence or group of sentences what this color looks like and sounds like." So we all three picked different colors, and then Laurel got the idea to do all the colors of the rainbow. We divided up the colors, added "tastes like" and "smells like" and spent a few more minutes each writing on our own. (Duncan dictates his to me, so I actually write it for him.)

When we'd all written our "colors," I lightly sketched a rainbow on a piece of poster board, and we wrote our poems in the stripes. And ta-da! Our shape poem. The kids don't know they wrote a shape poem; that lesson comes in a few weeks. But they had so much fun writing this and can't wait to show their Dad our creation:


Red tastes like lollipops
and looks like a dozen roses;
Orange looks like the Vols
and tastes like juicy oranges.
Yellow smells like daffodils
and tastes like bananas;
Green looks like a fresh cucumber
and sounds like peepers in a pond.
Blue looks like the sky in the afternoon
and sounds like rushing waters;
Indigo sounds like the hour before dawn
and smells like ripe plums.
Violet smells like a garden in spring
and tastes like grape popsicles.

I love when my kids get so enthused that they create their own enrichment activities. Maybe you'd like to add this to your Week 4!

(If you'd like to share your kids' writing, please leave a comment at Share Your Writing or post there on your own blog and leave us a link!)


  1. yum... 'tastes like lollipops' just sounds too good!!! :)

    Thanks for the 'info' on the puppets!

  2. We are on week three and absolutely LOVE your lessons. I have been bragging about you for a couple weeks now and my kids wake up every school day asking to do more creative writing. Today we got to write down foods and make them sound disgusting... and they were both SO proud to make my stomach turn. It has been great and I just wanted to extend my thanks to you and your wonderful teaching. :)

    Have a great night!


  3. Love this! It turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing. I've got to try some of your journal lessons. Maybe we'll do this one first!


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