Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dancing with Exuberance

I confess. I am often bored by ballet. I really, really want to like ballet; it seems like it should fit my quiet, literary nature. But honestly, I usually want to tear my hair out when I watch it, whether it's professional ballet or just a local recital. I truly would be happy never to see The Nutcracker again. (Forgive me, readers, whose daughters dance their hearts out in pretty little pink shoes!)

I'm sure it would be different, however, if my own daughter did ballet. Then, I am quite sure, the whole world of ballet would be magically transformed for me. I would see the story of Clara and that creepy nutcracker dude in a whole new light and be delighted each December to watch it again and again.

Luckily for me, my daughter has consistently chosen international dance. I love the fast-paced dances, the bright colors, the billowing dresses, and the exuberant faces. Everything moves so quickly in these recitals that I never have a chance to fidget or bang my head against the chair in front of me.

Truthfully, I want to run up on stage and join them in their exuberance. I suspect, however, that my daughter would never get over that mortification.

We're all done with recitals and performances for six more months!

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  1. Those dresses are fabulous - such bright colors!


  2. My daughter did the Nutcracker Christmas before last with a Russian ballet school. Needless to say, the Russians are serious about the Nutcracker. I still haven't recovered. I don't know that I will ever, ever be able to listen to music from the Nutcracker again. At least not without twitching.

  3. Love those dresses! I can see why you'd choose this over ballet! :D

  4. I love the picture of you running up there to join your daughter, with exuberance no less. :-) Does the exuberance come from the fact that it's not ballet, or is it from the international upbeat dancing, or both? Jubilation comes to mind, too.

  5. I've wanted to like ballet as well but I think all the ballet mom and dad had me go to early in life sort of healed me of it, same for opera. In opera they always committed suicide in the end (self-murder) and somehow that was supposed to make for an acceptable plot. For that matter, I'm bored by symphony orchestras and their self-congratulatory attitudes...unless my own daughter (April) was in it, or myself was in the orchestra. Sort of like soccer. It is really, really fun to play...but watch it? Are you kidding? I'd much rather watch Jeff Gordon go around in circles!

  6. OTOH, I used to LOVE dancing the Hebrew dances with Jean Mabry and her daughter and company! Great fun! I had great fun dancing at a Messianic Jewish friend's wedding once as well, in the ceremony. And once with the parade we did the banners around K'ville.

  7. that is truly something to be thankful for! ;o we have an all day rehearsal next friday, followed by a very long, but very beautiful recital saturday night... one more push for us! :)


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