Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Miscellany

* Is this Thursday? I'm strangely calm, considering we have a Big Event happening in just a few days. But maybe this is Wednesday.

* No, it really is Thursday. I know because I took my Dad to the oral surgeon today to have four teeth pulled. I love my Dad. I've never before been in the position of being a caregiver for him. When he had angioplasty 15 years ago, I lived far away and my brothers were there with him. He's always taken care of me, but today I got to drive him and wait for him and pick up his medicine later.

* I do remember once when I was in high school and my mom went away for a week to visit my grandmother. I supposed I cooked for my Dad that week. But what I really remember is him cooking supper for me: a corned beef hash, egg, and cheese sandwich. It was strangely delicious. I can't quite imagine eating such a thing now. Is corned beef hash still even sold?

* Today I made a few dozen chocolate chip cookies and a bunch of cheese straws in preparation for Jesse's Eagle Scout ceremony on Sunday. Thank you, Carrie-from-high-school, for the cheese straws recipe! These are ridiculously delicious. Jesse said, "They taste like Cheez-its." He's absurd.

* I mailed out graduation invitations yesterday and today. Got Jesse's honor cord in the mail. This, for those of you who don't know your graduation lingo yet, is a golden cord that an honor student can wear drape around his/her graduation gown. Because, well, why not?

* Randy and the kids got me a pair of telescoping loppers for Mother's Day. All I really want to do is to be outside pruning trees and lopping away inappropriate shrubbery.

* But first, more cheese straws, more cookies, and supper. Is it weird that I plan to reward myself by getting to prune for 30 minutes or so this evening? Ah well. I come from a long-line of horticulturists.


  1. Not many would say this, but, telescoping loppers is a really great gift! I would truly enjoy having some myself! Congrats to you graduate.

  2. I know what loppers are, but what are "telesoping" loppers?

    I know what you are talking about. I had a complete meltdown yesterday because after school, laundry, and meal preparation, there was no time left for weeding!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    We really must be just about neighbors. =) I love this part of TN!! I'm never moving again unless it's across town. We moved here from Northwest Missouri and BOY is the midwest different from the good ol' south. LOVE IT!!! Happy Friday to you!!


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