Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's palpable. It's seeping in throw the open windows and infiltrating every fiber of our beings with a frightening rapidity: the end of the school year.

We still have all of May yet to go, but I'm pretty sure we're all on a mental summer vacation already. That's the downside of having all of our activities end during the last of April and first of May! Theoretically, the upside is that we have a whole month to dedicate solely to "wrapping things up," a term I use loosely. Theoretically.

I have been a math drill sergeant this week. Duncan (3rd grade) will easily finish his math book by the end of May. Laurel (7th grade)—I have no idea. Since we switched to ALEKS a couple of months ago, I don't really know where exactly she is. All I know is that she's starting pre-algebra next year, and I'm hoping she's ready. It's been a confusing math year. But I know that, as resistant as she is to math, she really does get it. She's stubborn, but very smart. It'll all even out in the end.

We finished our World War 2 unit as of yesterday. We started watching The Devil's Arithmetic, but I had to stop it midway through. The movie is about a Jewish teenager who is swept up with her village and taken to a concentration camp. When their hair started being cut off at the concentration camp, Duncan had a horrified look on his face. I realized that, although this movie is based on a children's book and is geared toward younger audiences, he is a little too young and sensitive for it. I plan to watch it later this evening just with Laurel.

We've been doing American History for 3 years now. I can hardly fathom that. I am soooo looking forward to returning to world geography and history studies. Sadly, we'll cover the next many decades (from 1945-present) in a month, but I rest assured in knowing that they'll go through American History again in high school and in college.

We had two fun field trips this week. Thursday we spent at Wilderness in the Smokies indoor waterpark (story here), and yesterday Duncan and I and friends went to see Walking with Dinosaurs, which was fantastic.

Just three more weeks until Jesse's Eagle Scout ceremony and a month until he graduates. I have a lot to do, so naturally I'm procrastinating as much as possible. We had his senior pictures taken last week, and I'm tremendously looking forward to seeing those and getting graduation invitations mailed out. I really need to start making lists.

(And stop blogging.)
(And stop hanging out on Facebook.)
(And stop talking on the phone.)

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  1. I am so with you on the whole "we've all already checked out mentally" thing. We've got three weeks left and we're ready for this year to be OVER.

    Wow! Eagle Scout and graduation! What an exciting time of celebrating accomplishments for your family. Congrats to your ds for a job well done!

  2. We've already moved our end date up 2 weeks due to mental vacation. Good luck!

    Janet W

  3. Sounds like you are busy as always! Don't procrastinate! (I won't if you won't!) LOL Hope you finish with a bang. Happy graduation for your oldest. Wow!

  4. Congrats! Eagle Scout is a HUGE accomplishment :)


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