Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Beautiful Things, Day 4: Supper and Cards

One of the greatest blessings in this decade of my life is having my parents live just down the street. Ideally, we have them over for supper and cards each week. Realistically, we do this about twice each month. Tonight was one of those nights. My parents are the most grateful dinner guests. At 85, my mother cooks only simple lunches now; supper for them is almost always yogurt and cereal, by choice.

After we eat, we play cards—Randy, my parents, and me. We have a long tradition in our family of playing a game called 500. I learned to play it as a little girl by watching my older brothers, parents, and grandparents play. In my family, playing 500 is considered an expectation, as is playing ping-pong.

I cherish these beautiful evenings, sharing a pot of decaf coffee, watching my parents' familiar hands deal the cards, laughing at our losing bids, exclaiming over victories.

What beautiful things are in your life today?

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Day 4: Supper and Cards

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  1. I got a little weepy reading your post as one of my favorite beautiful things involved having my mom and dad over for dinner and then playing dominoes :). Now that dad's gone it's more often lunch with mom then Boggle or Upwords. And whenever I play Boggle I think of you and Latin into Mod English class and I smile:). I so love these posts!


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