Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Beautiful Things, Day 10: Big Brother, Baby Nephew

We've been a little edgy around here these past few days, a little unsure of how to proceed. My oldest brother, who was 16 when I was born, was rushed to the hospital last Friday, gasping for breath. We've known about his heart problem for a couple of years now, but I imagine he thought he could conquer it. After all, he's survived tractor rollings, walking off barn roofs, and a traumatic brain injury from a bicycle accident. Why couldn't he beat a leaky valve?

But my brother, who thinks little of Western medicine, is scheduled for surgery on Friday. I cannot even imagine how much James, who has lived most of his adult life in teepees, campers, greenhouses, or just platforms in the middle of his orchard, despises being in the hospital. He is 850 miles away from my parents, two brothers, and me, in upstate New York. My fourth brother is there, taking care of everything. That's what he does.

And this is a beautiful thing, this nurturing of youngest brother of oldest brother. He knows the best medicine: his own beautiful son. Kollman smiles at Uncle James, probably seeing some of his Dad in his uncle's smile, but mostly, Kollman smiles at everyone.

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