Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Beautiful Things, Day 13: Quiet

Don't be me wrong: I am absolutely thrilled to have such a bustling life. But I find myself alone tonight, soaking in the quiet. Randy and Duncan had a star-gazing event to go to for a Boy Scout merit badge. Jesse and his best friend and Laurel and her two best friends went to a movie together. In 15 minutes, Randy and Duncan will be home, and the football game will be on. In another hour, all five of the others will be home. By 11 p.m., there will be 8 people in the house. Some of them are loud. And I love it, I really do.

But right now, I'm loving these beautiful things: the hum of the dryer, the purr of the kitten next to me, the rustle of falling leaves, and the crickets.

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Day 13: Quiet

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