Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Beautiful Things, Day 21: Leaves

The leaves are out in full glory this week. I can't stop looking at them. This afternoon, after coming home from a long day at co-op, I sat on my bed and watched the sun streaming through the leaves. All I could really see out either window was leaves and sunlight. It made me want to write poetry or bury my face in a pile of leaves, breathing in October. Instead, I rested and read and thought about the perfect comfort of leaves, a fleece blanket, a quiet house, and a kitten curled at my feet.

I'm marking October with beautiful things. See days 1-21 here.


  1. Sarah - I wanted to let you know I'm reading your series and enjoying every single day. Thank you for encouraging me to be more thankful and intentional in my own life.

  2. Thanks for inspiring us this month. I'm doing a 30 Days of Thanks and your blog posts in a way prompted that. :) Thanks!


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