Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Beautiful Things, Day 8: Alma Mater

My college's mascot, the buffalo. In days of yore,  he was often found in buildings or in the middle of a lawn. He appears more sturdily anchored now.

Today's beautiful thing: being reminded of how incredibly blessed I am/was to have gone to college at a small, liberal arts college where everyone does, indeed, remember your name. I graduated almost 25 years ago, but when I returned today with my daughter and her friend on a college visit, I saw professors who hugged me and said, "I heard you were coming today!" Professors who asked about my parents, know exactly where I live and what I've been up to. I wouldn't trade my small college experience for anything. My daughter is just a sophomore, so she has a couple years to decide, but wherever she goes, I hope with all my heart that she finds community. Because community is such a beautiful thing.

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