Tuesday, August 1, 2006

August 1, 2006: Wet Books and Other Vacation Adventures

So in the book I just finished, Sarah's Quilt, there was this scene where the main character's extensive book collection got soaking wet in a storm. So she hung them up in her barn with clothespins to dry. Guess what? This doesn't really work! After Laurel accidentally knocked the book I was currently reading off the dock and into the lake, I tried this clever drying technique. Immediately, the book fell apart even more! Sorry, Dad2Three and Blogless Leigh, rightful owners of this fascinating book! A new one is on the way! Fortunately for me, the second half of the book is dry enough to finish reading...

Today's adventures thus far consist entirely of swimming and attempting to exert as little energy as possible when out of the water. 97 degrees is hot anywhere, but it's especially hot without a/c (the lack of a/c is common in upstate NY homes) ! Fortunately, we can spend our days in the lake. Yesterday we drove to Cayuga (that's "Kye-U-ga") Lake, another of the Finger Lakes, to water ski with my brother Stephen. After boating, we went to Taughannock Falls (that's "Tye-gannick"), where we regaled the children with stories of people falling off gorges.

Another hot night and day to get through until it starts cooling off on Thursday...

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