Friday, August 4, 2006

August 5, 2006: Two Things I Love About My Hometown...

in upstate (western) New York: bulk bins and half-moon cookies. The grocery stores around here have these fabulous bulk sections with everything from Mike-and-Ikes to prunes. So if you only need 5 prunes for a recipe (not that I've ever needed 5 prunes for a recipe), you can buy 5 prunes instead of a whole box. Or if you're in the mood for a little peanut brittle and handful of trail mix, that's exactly what you can get. We've been to Tops *Friendly* Market for 4 days in a row. We like bulk bins.

But it's a good thing I don't live here all the time or I'd be a blimp. I have a terrible soft spot for half-moon cookies. I have since I was a little girl. I can remember begging my mother to let me get one at the bakery. She rarely complied, but now that I am a grown-up, I can get them any time I want....when I'm in NY. And so I"ve also had a half-moon cookie each day for the past 4 days. Half-moon cookies are these luscious cake-like cookies, iced half with chocolate and half with vanilla. I must find a recipe as soon as I get home.

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