Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 13, 2006: Home From Camping

We are smelly, sleepy, sticky, slightly damp, and very grimy here at SmallWorld. We've just come back from camping at Indian Boundary in the Cherokee National Forest. The cooler has been unpacked and the showers have started. I'm next in line, so I'll have to blog quickly or I'll lose my place.

Our two-night camping spree was thwarted by the rain, but one night was great anyway. We did have a heavy shower mid-afternoon, but we headed out swimming as soon as it tapered off. This is our first time at Indian Boundary, and we'll definitely go back. Dad2Three and his entourage brought a kayak, and another family brought a blow-up boat, so everyone was well entertained in the water. The teens all brought their bikes and the little ones had plenty of mud and dirt in which to dig. We stayed up late talking around the campfire, and this morning the moms took a 3.5 mile bike ride around the lake. Since I haven't ridden a bike in 4 years, I'd say there is a good chance I won't be able to sit tomorrow. It's challenging even now.

We have great ideas for more trips in the future, including a month-long "marine biology" trip to the beach next year. We have grand plans; making them come to fruition will be a challenge. But in the meantime, there are many more weekends for camping right here in the Smokies, where the river tumbles and the laurel thickets beckon.

Indian Boundary

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