Friday, August 11, 2006

August 11, 2006: A Free Day

The groceries are ready to go; the dog's at the vet getting fixed; the gear is ready to go; the suitcases and backpacks are packed. But there's a 100% chance of rain, with the possibility of severe thunderstorms, in the forecast today. 'Course it hasn't rained around here in weeks, and the temperature has been over 90 for 12 straight days; but today, just in time for our long-awaited camping weekend, the skies are heavy and wet. We'll go tomorrow morning instead and make it a one-night trip instead of two.

After being disappointed for a few minutes, Dr. H and I realized that we have a whole free day and night in front of us, unplanned and without any commitments! What excitement! What possibility! No one even knows we're here (except for our camping buddies)! He'll spend the day getting exams graded to turn in Monday that he anticipated doing late Sunday night; I'll attack the clutter in the homeschooling cabinet and sunroom in preparation for the start of school next week. This evening we'll dig into the camping food for supper and watch a movie.

I hope we get a huge rain. I hope the lights go out and we have to light candles. The kids can make a blanket house and scream at the thunder, and we'll eat tiny powdered-sugar donuts. The bags are packed, and camping comes tomorrow.

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