Thursday, December 27, 2007

Birthday #2, or The Day After Christmas

December 27, 2007

Dr. H. is a good sport. Not a good enough sport that he'd go out shopping on the day after Christmas, but Dollywood sounded fun to him, and so, since we only have a few days left on our season pass, that's what we did on his birthday.

If only Jesse had gone with us instead of shopping, we could have had our Christmas card for next year already.

The Lumberjack ride. Duncan said this was "very relaxing."

That ride was too tame for Laurel, so she saved up energy for Thunderhead. She's a rollercoaster girl. "Too relaxing" rides make her fall asleep.

It was a nice day. The weather was perfect, although we weren't dressed warmly enough. (45 is awfully chilly in the South.) We opted out of Dollywood passes for the upcoming year, but we look forward to going again in a couple of years.

Back at home, though stuffed with corn dogs, we insisted that Dr. H. eat cake. (Look familiar? What person in her right mind would make two birthday cakes at Christmas?)

It's been 18 years since Dr. H. had a new backpack and his old one had grown worn. Now he is ready for a few days of solitude in the mountains. (Come to think of it, anyone who braves Dollywood on the day after Christmas needs a few days of solitude...)

And now life resumes to a semblance of normalcy. For a day, anyway, until we pack up and head to Charlotte on Saturday.

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