Friday, December 28, 2007

Countdown to the New Year: Meme 1

December 28, 2007

What better way to bid adieu to one year and welcome in a new than by a series of memes? (That was rhetorical. Please don't give me any smart-pants answers.)

So here is the first one.
1) Look back to your archives for 2007.
2) Collect the first sentence you wrote every month for the whole year. (This doesn't have to be the literal first day of the month--just the first post.)
3) Entertain us on your blog, link back here, and post a comment here with the link to your blog. (And if you're blogless, just remember the first sentence you spoke every month for the whole year and post it here.)

And here are mine:

Subtitled "How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less," this book by Terry Ryan tells the story of how Evelyn Ryan kept her family from pure poverty by submitting advertising jingles and winning contests back in the 40s and 50s.

February: At long last, a smidgen of snow--but a smidgen goes a long way to satisfy these poor Southern children who have no concept of an actual "big snow."

March: I know a lot of homeschooling families, including mine, who maintain that "flexibility" is one of the reasons they chose to homeschool.

April: It was bad enough that Laurel said to me this evening, "Who IS Rumpelstilskin, anyway?"

May: I love this week's flowers.

June: I like when friends come to my door bearing food.

July: I am back in the swing of things.

My brother Stephen and I were in college together for two years, and during that time we made many trips from New York to Tennessee and back again.

I've been slacking off again on my Project 365, so to make up for it, here are not only Weeks 34& 35, but also a special birthday edition featuring my beautiful girl.

The mountains have always held something inexpressible for me.

I am an avid proponent of Sonlight I fell in love with it the day it was introduced to me and have never looked back.

Another icon of my childhood is gone.

If you want to be extra clever, you can make your entry into a blog cloud here at Snapshirts.

Wasn't that fun? Your turn!

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