Saturday, December 22, 2007

Things to Do

December 22, 2007

The holidays, as in "days of rest," have at last kicked in around here. All the big events are completed. The kids are done with all performances, there are no more parties to attend or host, and no more events. Dr. H., who loves his job, actually stayed home yesterday. That was quite exciting, since we actually were still having school and he got to join in the fun. Much to his delight, Jesse was finishing up his biology, and this chapter happened to be on genetics. Saying "genetics" to Randy is like saying to me "So-and-so is thinking about homeschooling and wants to talk to you." We get all giddy and have little happy smiles on our faces. And so Randy got to help Jesse with his genetics chapter, and then he even got to grade his test for him.

In the afternoon we went to see a stunning performance of A Christmas Carol at UT's The Clarence Brown Theatre. Absolutely phenomenal. My parents went to see it a couple of weeks ago and were so impressed that they bought tickets for our whole family. Have I ever mentioned how awesome my parents are? After the play we wandered a bit on campus because we never, ever do that. Parking is a nightmare on campus, so the kids and I rarely visit Dr. H at his office. Perhaps now that Duncan is older we can manage the 22 mile straight uphill hike from the parking garage to Dr. H's building a little more often.

Back home after the play, Dr. H. fixed his amazing fettucine alfredo and chicken marsala while I read a book and dozed off. After this marvelous supper, my mother and I had tea by the Christmas tree while Dr. H. did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. These are moments when one must simply sigh with utter bliss and gratefulness.

Today will be a grueling day. Here's what's on my list:
1. Blog.
2. Reads blogs.
3. Read the newspaper.
4. Play Bogglific and Scrabble online.
5. Read my book.
6. Finish that book and start a new one.
7. Perhaps bake some more Christmas cookies. We're all out.
8. Wrap a few presents.
9. Read some more.
10. Blog some more.

I may add in a few more things, like pay attention to the kids and go for a walk. Maybe. Wrapping and baking may be all the exertion I can take.

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