Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The von Small Family Singers

December 12, 2007

This past Friday-Sunday was something new for us: Performance Weekend. I know many of my friends have been doing this since their little ones could fit into their first pair of tap shoes, but we entered this world for the first time this weekend--with all 3 kids.

Randy and I had to divide and conquer on Friday night. Jesse had an opportunity to play with his guitar teacher and his band, Eden's Way, at a concert up at The Vineyard in Knoxville. Jesse's only been playing for a year, and I have to say he amazes us. It's true that he has guitar-playing in his genetic pool, but still--it does a parent good to hear that love for music come through those fingers. Randy had a great time at the concert and arrived home without too much damage from all that head-banging.

And meanwhile, Laurel and I were on the other side of Knoxville for the first night of "Annie." She is part of the Southern Kids in Theatre (SKIT) first-ever Show Choir, and it has been a fabulous experience. The Show Choir opens for the show and then performs after intermission, before the second act. Like the rest of the cast, they spend great chunks of time hanging out in the Green Room. Above, she is with one of her best friends, Caitln, and her sister Emily.

And here she is performing the first "Annie" medley. (Thanks to Caitlin and Emily's dad, Lynn Freeny, for this photo!)

And here she is ready for the hip-hop "Annie" piece before intermission. There were three performances total--one Friday night and two on Saturday--and needless to say we were zoombified by midnight on Saturday when we got home. Zoombified, but gratified. It was a great experience.

One might be tempted to skip church after a weekend of late nights (not to mention I got hit with a killer cold on Saturday), but Sunday morning was Duncan's chance to be on stage. Our children's director wrote and directed a precious play, and we were awfully impressed with our Duncan and all the other kids, too. (Again, thanks to Lynn Freeny for the photo!)

It was an exhausting weekend, and I'd do it all over in a heartbeat. While my acting career was limited (one musical in high school and a one-act play in college), I spent countless night performing in concert and marching bands throughout middle and high school. Randy had a much more extensive experience with theatre in both high school and college, and for him it was pivotal. I'm glad our kids had the opportunity to perform in their various ways this weekend, and I look forward to the next events. I just hope they don't all happen on the same 36 hours again....

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