Sunday, December 30, 2007

Countdown to the New Year: Meme 2

December 30, 2007

I didn't have to search far for the next New Year's Meme. Heidi from Mt. Hope Chronicles has the perfect one today: One Little Word.

What One Little Word might you choose for this coming year? I have a small collection of little stones with the word "Imagine" engraved on each one. Imagine, if you will, that you could have one stone with one word which you come to again and again in this next year. I like what Heidi says about this:

"One word for a whole year might be a stretch for me. How can I limit myself to one little word? But maybe that is the point. That one little word, when used as a focus, could be like a continuous drip of water upon a stone."

I knew instantly what my choice is for my one little word.


I find myself slipping too often into Getting Things Done---without enjoying the journey. There is tremendous joy in the simplicity of the ancient arts of keeping a house, raising children, and being a wife. Joy in being a friend and in helping and serving. Joy in being able, simply, to read a book or connect with friends over the internet. And so that is my word that I shall etch into my stone this year. It occurs to me that "enjoy" may sound selfish; but I know that joy is a thing passed quickly from one to another. And I can't think of much I'd rather spread than a joyful life.

So...what's your word for 2008? Post it in the comments or blog about it and post your link here.

(And thanks, Heidi, for this great idea!)

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