Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Здравствуйте (Hello)

Look what the UPS guy dropped off on our front porch today! Jesse is finally tackling his language requirement for high school. His choice: Russian. He's been intrigued by Russian things for years, so the choice makes sense. Also, he was scouting out some colleges and saw that it is actually possibly to get a bachelor's degree in such things as Russian and European studies, and the wheels started turning. We haven't done a language here in a few years, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. I'm not saying that I'm going to sit by his side as he learns Russian, but I am curious. I love languages and am grateful for the years of French, German, and Latin (as roots) that I had. My kids have all done Spanish through our enrichment class program and a sprinkling of Latin here and there, but I've actually found teaching a language rather daunting—especially one other than French or German. I'm happy for Rosetta Stone because I'm sure not up to teaching Russian!

How does foreign language learning work in your homes?


  1. How cool!! This is what we will be starting in the fall! You will have to let me know what you think of the new Rosetta Stone. Do you have the "homeschool" version or the regular one? Are there books along with the program?
    Before having kids, I was a Russian linguist in the Air Force. I went to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA for a year to learn it. What a great experience that was!!

    It's been 10 yrs, so I have forgotten a lot, but I hope that by practicing it daily with the kids, it will jog my memory. I have tons of books and stuff in Russian - we even have Sesame Street in Russian which is quite interesting to watch :)

    I think that he couldn't have picked a better language! I hope that you guys enjoy it :)

  2. I learned Spanish in high school and thought I would teach the kids by pulling things from here and there. I never quite got it together.

    My husband has French roots and his dad's family speaks French Creole. He has always wanted to learn so he has taken it upon himself to teach us, too. The kids have learned more French with him than they ever did Spanish. And I am totally happy to share some of the homeschooling responsibility. He is so passionate about it, it has rubbed off on the kids. I struggle more than they do.

  3. I recently got Rosetta Stone Russian myself!

    It's way over my head. Of course, I should be more consistent with it. It only takes 30 minutes for my brain to start hurting [smile].

    May this serve your son well!


  4. Meri bilong mi i save tis French long pikinini bilong mipla, tasol sampela taim mipla baim tisa bilong lainim French.
    Taim mipla stap long PNG, mipla ol lainim Tok Pisin long poro bilong mi.
    Tenk yu tru long askim mi!

  5. Rosetta Stone is a wonderful investment. Such a well done program.

    We've got the best situation-- learning language in another culture. But I won't brag. :-)


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