Monday, February 2, 2009

Three Beautiful Things: Snow, Dad, Conversation

1. Snow! Not exciting for many of you, I know, but for those of us in the south, a bit of snow goes a long way. Today we got a really nice snow, big fat flakes falling for hours.

2. My Dad. This is what he said to a customer over the phone today: "Would you call me back in an hour? We have the first big snow that we've had in 8 years, and I'm going to go play in the snow with my grandchildren." I love that man.

3. Conversation. I love relaxing dinners that lead to good conversation around the table. It used to be that the kids would all scatter when they finished eating, and Dr. H and I would enjoy "table time" by ourselves but lately our teenager has been staying to converse, too. And how much do I love that, when asked how he liked a certain author, he said, "Not too much. His dialog is terrible and he's really not a great writer." Child after my own heart.

What beautiful things are in your life today?


  1. Teen talk is a treasure. I take whatever mumbles or snippets I am offered and am really grateful for them. :) What happened to the days when I couldn't get her to be quiet to save my life?

    BTW, your slavery unit looks like it was excellent. Lots of great reads there!


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