Friday, February 27, 2009

Some Days Are Weeping Days

There are days, now and then, that are filled with weeping, from sweet to bittersweet to mournful. Just weeping. Days like today, when the first thing I see in the morning upon logging into Facebook is that a college classmate took his life yesterday. How can you not weep throughout the day when you see page after page of words of people who loved him, wondering how he couldn't have known how loved he was? How can you not weep when you remember his funny wave and how he'd yell a greeting across campus, how he was so vibrant?

And then tonight the man who has been our Boy Scout troop's Scoutmaster for a decade stepped down during a truly spectacular ceremony. How can you not weep when 35 Scouts stand at attention and salute as this man walks down this aisle of young men that he has helped grow? How can you not weep to realize this decade is ending, that your little Cub Scout from long ago is now as tall as his Dad and nearly done with Scouting? How can you not weep to hear the words said to our Scoutmaster: "how can we possibly, possibly thank you for all you've done?" and know that there aren't any words…

but that you wish that Mike, the college classmate, were alive to read all the words written on his wall today saying how much he'll be missed—that he touched so many lives.

Some days are weeping days.


  1. Sorry about the loss of your friend, that is hard, especially when it is at their own hand. It feels like a slap in *your* face, like your opinion didn't matter... I guess it is hard to look outside yourself when you are hurting that bad.

    The loss of a scout leader can be just as hard...I have thought about leaving our troop and starting one closer to our house but I can't, I couldn't stand to leave my girlies. I hope if I did leave, I would be missed.

    Wipe your eyes, tomorrow will be a better day. :-)

  2. I know I commented on Facebook. . .but it deserves to be said again.

    Beautiful post.

  3. So sorry about your classmate. Sometimes it is hard to weep with those that weep.

    I hope you are encouraged this weekend.

  4. May your friend rest in peace and you gain some solace that he is no longer suffering. I believe he is with God shining down on you.

  5. Have you heard anything more? Will you go to the memorial? I've been so sad, reading his fb page and seeing how many people LOVED him and would do anything for him and yet he must have felt so alone...

  6. I'm glad we could laugh tonight. So sorry to hear about your friend.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about this sorrow. Blessings to you.


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