Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Play

It's sheer lunacy how crazy will all get here in East Tennessee with an inch of snow. I cannot express the frenzy of snow joy that has taken over my children the past three days. We are constantly looking out the window, gauging the amount of new snow (if any), the temperature, and the amount of melting that is going on. Every day at 3 p.m. (after my parents have had their nap), we've headed over to my parents' house for the daily sledding. They have a great hill.

The most hilarious thing is the kids' pitiful search for a sled. See what Laurel is carrying in the photo below? That's the remaining quarter of the sled we brought with us from Iowa, nine years ago.

Duncan is having great luck with a box he found under his bed. They also tried cardboard, Rubbermaid container tops, a cookie sheet, and a recycling bin. And yes, I tried to buy them a real sled, but everyone said, "We don't have none, honey, and we won't be gettin' no more in."

Look at these faces. They don't need real sleds.

Looks like we'll be back up in the 50s or 60s by the weekend, and I can't say that I mind, but these few days of snow sure have been fun.


  1. My boys, along with the neighbor kids, have actually used folding lawn chairs to slide down our driveway. :) Granted, you do need a fair amount of ice to do that... but we had that all last week around here.

  2. What a fabulous snow day! How creative that your kids thought of different ways to create a "sled"! Lori

  3. Laundry baskets work surprisingly well too.

    If you still want to buy one, have you tried any of the hardware stores? Ace by Hastings had some inflatable sleds left on Tuesday.

    Oh, and I really am glad that winter has been a bit more normal this year. Now we just need a couple of 4 to 5 inch snows.

  4. I cant believe they can actually sled on that small amount of snow but I have to say they do look like they are enjoying it! LOL

  5. We had snow here on the SC coast. We loved our snow day. :)

  6. Wow, it's hard to imagine getting excited about snow. We're all so sick of it here! Just had another snowstorm over the past 2 days.

  7. We wish we would have been able to keep our big sled from when we lived in Illinois. We got 22 inches in 2 days when the kids were little. A friend came over and hooked it to the back of his 4 wheeler and dragged them and their dad around the yard. They borrowed it for later in the day and let's just say the sled wasn't quite the same when we got it back.

  8. They look like they had a blast! :D Y'all are having more snow than we are and we typically get it more. :D


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