Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Territory

So we entered new territory this past weekend: Jesse visited his first college, Belmont University in Nashville. He went over on Thursday and spent a couple of nights with a friend who attends there. This was the college's fall break, so most of the buildings were closed, but his friend took around as much as possible and introduced him to a few people.

On Saturday, Randy, Duncan and I picked Jesse up at his friend's apartment and then went to look at Belmont ourselves. The campus was absolutely gorgeous. I liked the small campus in the midst of a big city, and that's exactly what Jesse is looking for. He really, really likes it.

So now comes the paperwork. I have absolutely no recollection of filling out college applications myself 25 years ago, but surely I did (or at least had some part in it). Jesse is thinking about his essay questions, and we're figuring out letters of recommendation. The whole "class rank" thing threw me. How does a home-educated student figure out class rank? His adviser said to just get another letter of recommendation. It seems strange to me that class rank is one of the bases for a merit scholarship, but it seems to be like that generally for colleges.

Applications are due by December 1 to be considered for merit scholarships. How did this happen so suddenly? I don't mean Jesse growing up; I mean the rapidity of senior year requirements. Yikes!

And I keep thinking more and more now: this time next year, I'll just have two kids at home.

I'm happy for him.

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  1. see, that is extra weird for me, too, because in general (the norm) when it was *my* time for University, was that you were 19. I started at 18 but only because my birthday was late November. A scattered handful would start at the ripe age of 17, but again, not the norm.
    no idea how you are old enough to be experiencing this.


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