Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Miscellany

* What a wild weekend this turned out to be. Friday evening Randy and Jesse went to help with the Decemberadio that was organized by Feed Your Faith, a ministry run by our friends Mike and Rick. While they were there, Laurel went to a Survivor-themed birthday party. Yes, girls were actually voted off the "island." Laurel was nervous about the party, anticipating being one of the first voted off, if for no reason than that probably all the girls were anxious about that. (She actually turned out to be the Sole Survivor.) Duncan and I ate at Marble Slab Ice Creamery for supper, because, well, why not? Everyone else was partying. When we finally got home there was a message on the machine from my mother-in-law, saying they'd be in to visit the next afternoon.

* Randy had an all-day Cub Scout training session on Saturday, so after I did lesson plans for a couple of hours, I cleaned. And cleaned and cleaned etc. My house is so spotless now. I love it.

* We had a great visit with my mother-in-law and her husband. I always wish that she could be around more for the kids but their house in Indiana just isn't selling.

* But it's lovely to have my parents right down the road. This evening I went to World Communion Sunday with them at a church in Knoxville. It was really fantastic to be with believers from a variety of congregations and to be there with my parents. I don't get to do much with them without the kids. Funny how I forget that I'm 43-years-old when I'm with my parents and I feel 15 again. They are precious to me.

* I came home to a delicious dinner of Dr. H's famous fettuccine alfredo and Laurel's warm brownies for dessert. Now the rain is falling, my lesson plans are done for tomorrow, and bed is calling.

* A very, very long week looms ahead and ends in a weekend camping trip with 15 middle-and-high school-aged girls. I am planning to go to Aruba when this is all over.


  1. Aruba does sound good!

    Hope you have a good week!

  2. Aruba? I love Aruba. I wanta go, too!



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