Thursday, November 11, 2010

He Was a Soldier Once

My father was a soldier once, and his father too. My father served in WW2 and in Korea. He wrote this poem about a year ago. Every time I read it, I get weepy.


I was a soldier once,
When I was young.

I was once a soldier,
Long ago, when I was very young.

I was a young soldier once,
And then one noonday I
became an old soldier.

I was an old soldier
For what seemed then a very long time.

I have been old for a very long time,

But I remember when I was young once,
And a soldier,
A very young soldier,
Once upon a time.

Thank you, Dad, for being a soldier once, and for giving me the gift of your words, in more ways that one.


  1. We saw you all in the parade yesterday. The boys really enjoyed it. Hope you all had fun as well.

  2. Yes, thank you for being a soldier once...and always.


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