Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the Yard: November

Yesterday Duncan and I strolled around our yard for one last dose of that wonderful mix of summer and autumn. You know, the days when the summer flowers are still blooming, peeking through the leaves…

Those crazy roses are blooming like it's June, and the lantanas are just now at their most beautiful. Throw in some patches of salvia, marigolds, Black-eyes Susans, four o'clocks, mums, and even some straggly impatiens, and we have a crazy quilt of mixed seasons.

The cat watched us from his favorite bench. He's extremely lazy.

Duncan took his new remote-control car out for a test drive through the leaves…

Today is cold and rainy. By tomorrow, the leaves will be mostly on the ground and our first real dose of cold weather will hit. Suddenly, summer and fall are really gone.

I guess I'll have to take down the pumpkin lanterns. I could be really proactive and throw away the real pumpkins before they rot.

But then Dr. H. would miss all the fun of scraping pumpkin goo off the porch.


  1. our pumpkins always get left till moldy and nasty. as well as our christmas tree...we usually chop it up and burn it mid summer:). there are so many things i'm completely on top of,like making sure my highschooler has all of his credits, that those other things just seem kind of unimportant!

    p.s. i really do have an unexplained fear of my friends deleting my blog link from theirs:)

  2. I love fall season... unfortunately, it's winter time here already.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. You have quite a nice mix of flowers to still enjoy. All I have now is fading mums... but then again, when we moved here 6 months ago there wasn't much in the flower department that had already been planted. We'll have to do that over the course of time. The previous owner loved bushes which means lots of green. I guess it could be worse with no landscaping at all. We'll take what she left. :)

  4. We had cold and rainy here today too, and we're in that transition stage right now - it's actually been quite cold since the rains have moved through and the leaves have been beaten down to the ground. It's time to find some hot chocolate! Have a great weekend.

  5. A beautiful fall display...I miss that. But I have to admit...I love going to the beach all year.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  6. so beautiful! I love all those fall colors. Our trees are all bare now, but when they were changing... boy it was GLORIOUS!

  7. Yeah, I bet the flowers are dead now that this cold spell has come upon us- but I say, "Hooray! I will no longer be sweating all day! Bring on the snow!"

  8. Pretty. Love the picture of you handsome cat.


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