Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning

I like how Margaret at Two Kid Schoolhouse did her Saturday Morning Journal, so I'm copying.

What I want to do today:
• Stay in my pajamas
• Read (currently, When My Name Was Keoko)
• Eat cake, hot buttered popcorn, and fettuccine alfredo
• Play Upwards and other games that only I seem to like
• Buy lots of new clothes with magical money
• Go to the library

What I need to do today:
• Mail a package to Jesse in the next 50 minutes before the post office closes
• Buy a gift for and attend a shower for a family at our church whose house burned down last month
• Work on lesson plans
• Fold clothes
• Make a dent in the ironing
• Sort and organize the evil stacks of paperwork and mail on the kitchen counters
• Catch up on emails and other things I'm avoiding or forgetting

My goal: to make time for some of the top list while accomplishing most of the bottom list.

What's happening on your Saturday?

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  1. Hey! Thanks for playing.

    Some of your wants and need are on my lists too, now that I think about it!

  2. WOW- you IRON? I am impressed...

  3. Don't be impressed, Amber. It's an occasional thing and done only because Dr. H. has to teach…

  4. hey, great list... so I guess it was just a quick iron??

  5. I too iron, but only Mike's clothes so they're ready at 6am and I don't have to do it then. Everyone else's get ironed as needed and I taught my 11 year old son to iron too! This Saturday meant taking my father to the super Walmart in another town so he could purchase some long underwear and I could get groceries! Come on over, I'll play Upwords with you; and boggle, and scrabble, and....


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