Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Cat, Old Cat

I think it takes a new kitten to fully appreciate one's old cat. I had about two still shots of the kitten. The rest of the pictures of her were a streak of color, a blur of stripes. Over and over she clawed her way up the couch and then jumped off, finding a bit of fluff on the floor to attack or pawing the dog's tail.

And then, the old cat. I could take photos of him all day long because he rarely moves off the couch. When he does, it is only to go outside to roll around in a sunny spot on the driveway, or it might be to move closer to the fireplace.

He sure is a good old cat.


  1. He is a handsome old cat too! We have sister cats from the same litter and they just lay around side by side all day.

  2. That whole appreciation thing is so true!! The kitty is adorable and the 'old cat' is gorgeous. :)

    Stinky Cats

  3. couldn't help but giggle... so true. beautiful cats! my 4 yr old cat is especially still right now {suffering a respiratory infection, poor girl}.


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