Sunday, February 12, 2012

Putting Pinterest to Use

My goal: to make Pinterest more than just a place to collect ideas. I want to put those ideas to use. So each week I'm going to list a few of my pins and put them to work in my life.

This Week on Pinterest

Most Promising Homeschooling Finds
Free Printable Worksheets: brainteasers, mazes, graphs, much more.
Free Audio Books: absolutely tons of free audio books, for people of all ages. Classics, unusual titles, and more. This one could be amazing!
Physics Lapbook(s): This Squidoo site has foldables and ideas for six physics lapbooks! It looks amazing. Since Duncan isn't taking any science at co-op this semester, I really need to look into this more. My goal is to begin one of these this week.
Science Experiments in a Bag: This is such a great idea. My kids used to love when I'd get out the leftovers from the Sonlight science kits. I need to make a bunch up for Duncan.
Synonym Flower: The link doesn't go into detail on this, but the photo is pretty self-explanatory. This is really, really cute and I just happen to be teaching synonyms in creative writing at co-op right now. This might have to be integrated into my WordSmithery curriculum!

Job buttons: Kids can pick what they want to do and earn money around the house. This is an etsy site and I think the cost is quite reasonable, but I'll probably end up making these somehow on my own. My kids are always asking how they can earn money, and I always mean to put some kind of system into place. There is also a chore chart on the etsy store that gives lots of ideas for jobs.
Homemade furniture polish: Why not?
Magical carpet cleaner: I have tried this already, and it was amazing. I am going to work on a few more spots today.

Magazine rack: This would look amazing in my new office and/or modified to hold cookbooks or whatever. I'm pretty sure Randy and Duncan would love to make a couple of sets of these for me.
Quilt: I like this simple quilt pattern. As soon as I get my sewing machine set up, I am going to start it.
Cloth coasters: We really need these. I'm always cleaning drink residue off our coffee and end tables. I repeat: as soon as I get my sewing machine set up....

Mississippi Mud Pie: Ridiculous. I must try it.
Italian sausage and basil red sauce: Yum. I repinned this from my daughter, so I keep hoping she is going to make it.
Twice baked potato casserole: This is going to show up on our menu sometime this week.

I also like to see what others are pinning from my blog. Here are this week's 5 most popular pins from SmallWorld at Home:
Titanic Unit Study
WordSmithery Creative Writing Lessons
Homeschooling Articles
Lapbooking Resources
Rainbow simile poem

So how do you put Pinterest to work for you?
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  1. I agree ~ that synonym idea is very clever. I am reprinting immediately!!

    Thank you for a collection of great ideas. My latest post was Valentine ideas from Pinterest that I am using on Tuesday!

  2. Oops - I meant repinning; dumb autocorrect!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Hello Sarah, just wanted to say I'm enjoying your blog very much (found it through pinterest) and have added it to my list of homeschooling blogs. Hope you don't mind!

  5. Written simply and tastefully. It’s pleasant to read. Thank u.

  6. I've been gathering ideas for things I know that we plan to do. When I go to assemble a semeseter, I'll just have to put it all together from what I've pinned.

    I also made some boards for particular things such as Winter crafts and activities, Valentine's Day, etc, and we did one activity per day from what I had gathered. It made it easy for me to produce something each day when they were all in ine place....and I am a very visual person.


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