Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colored Glass

When my uncle died, we packed up his house. He was the curator of the family heirlooms: the china, old letters, furniture, photos. Everything. It was fascinating to see who chose what. One brother took a rocking chair, in which he said our grandmother used to rock him. Another wanted the flat-screen TV and a couple of sketches on the wall. A sister-in-law liked gadgets. A niece took some china and an old washtub. My cousin took a map. My son took a highly decorative Mason's sword that belonged to my Great-Uncle Mood.

Oh, there's more. Much, much more. A hundred years or more of family heirlooms, carefully divvied up. But today, colored glass. The pieces belonged to my Great-Aunt Flossie (the hobnail pieces in the top two photos) and my grandmother, Helen. I've always loved colored glass in windows, and I love even more the daily reminders of these three people: my precious grandmother, my Aunt Flossie, and our beloved Uncle Max.


  1. I do believe I have the exact same blue bowl the you do! It was MY grandmother's.

    Heirlooms are definitely to be treasured- in the home and in the heart...

    Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL glass, Sarah..

  2. I love love LOVE colored glass and wish I had ten curios to collect it all!

    I also have a vintage pyrex addiction.

    I am glad you got some wonderful treasures!

    mindy (

  3. How gorgeous! I work with colored glass in my art, so this is a treat to see. I also have some milk glass and pressed glass that a friend gave me, and I love having them.

  4. Beautiful colored glass! I'm looking forward to collecting some to display in our new house.

  5. What beautiful pieces! Before my grandmother died she attached little name tags on the bottom of items she wished certain family members to have. I've never removed my name tag from her white milk glass bowl. The contents of that bowl change with the seasons: shiny ornament at Christmastime, crocheted eggs in the spring and seashells in the summer.

  6. Beautiful work! Good luck and don't stop!


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