Thursday, October 2, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: Windows, Soup, Survivor

1. Windows: They've all been open for a couple of weeks now, and I am loving October pouring into our home. (Also, I love the dramatically reduced electric bill without the a/c!)

2. Soup: We don't eat soup in the summer, so it's always exciting when the weather is cool enough for soups. Tonight, per Laurel's request, we're having baked potato soup. It's luscious.

3. Survivor: It just makes me happy. I love Thursday night TV.

What beautiful things are in your life today?


  1. Love the windows, and I can attest to lower bills - our last house we replaced windows and were amazed!

    Beautiful in my life: boxes full of STUFF that I have to unpack, but praise God for a place to unpack them into.

  2. beautiful in my life is my kids joining us at the end of Hebrew dance tonight...and my retreat this weekend...

  3. Isn't it lovely not to have to pay heating or a/c for a bit? :) I agree with that! I, too, am a HUGE fan of soups. We had chicken w. rice earlier this week :)

    Beautiful in our life? My garden has suddenly gone full bloom just at the tip of autumn. Our visit to the pumpkin patch tomorrow after being in the house for two weeks! Have a good evening!

  4. Yum... baked potato soup!

    (I wish our allergies could handle the open windows.)

    Beautiful in my life: The leaves starting to turn... gorgeous! Also, the feeling of actually being a bit chilly instead of feeling so sticky and hot.

    RYC: Why did you have to mention butter on saltines?! Now, I'm a "hankering" for some. :)

  5. Yum, I love baked potato soup! I made chili this weekend just 'cause it was starting to get cool. :-)


  6. Windows open indeed! I love how you said "October pouring in". I just told Kristina the other morning that while it was a "balmy" 90F in PNG, it was a cool 32F here....and yes I still opened the windows. Nothing better than the smell of fall leaves and cool air in my home. And if the kids are cold, they can find a sweater! How else do you fully enjoy that soup and hot tea? We had my nearly world famous curried butternut squash soup the other day, and roasted garlic mashed potato soup is on the menu for today. yum yum yum...


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