Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Miscellany

* Who can say why, today, Duncan decided to show up for school in a button-down shirt and tie? I have no idea what prompted this, but I've felt as if I'm in some sort of prep school today. I must say, he was an exceptional student. Maybe I should start having a dress code.

* The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Homeschool Buzz. I always enjoy scanning the entries and reading many. I'm going to check out Ivy League Freebies from Countdown to College more closely, and I love this one at Works in Progress: 16 Reasons to Read Aloud . My favorite, though is Changing Seasons at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers (love that blog name, too!). Also, I am scheduled to host the CofH here at SmallWorld in December. That's a little nervewracking to contemplate, but, then again, that's two months away!

* My parents are moving down here from New York in just two weeks! My brother Peter and his family and Duncan and Laurel and I spent most of Saturday cleaning their new house. They'll be living just a half-mile down the road from us, which is amazingly awesome. Duncan and Laurel were fantastic cleaners, although Duncan did spend at least half the time running around with his cousin Seth.

* So what was the final verdict after my grocery-shopping meltdown over the weekend? Thanks for all your great suggestions and links, by the way! This week's menu is uninspired but easy:
--hamburgers (or turkey burgers) with baked beans and french fries tonight;
--pasta salad with chicken Wednesday
--samosas with roasted Brussels sprouts on Thursday
--spaghetti with meatballs on Friday
--American Heritage Girls/Cub Scouts hayride/cook-out Saturday
--and Dr. H. has committed to trying out a new recipe each weekend.

Stay tuned to see if that really happens...


  1. I almost didnt recognize Duncan! Does this mean Caleb doesn't get any more of this preppy clothes?
    And I am so excited your parents will be moving here in two weeks. It will be so good to see them!

  2. you're doubting my culinary commitment? you cut me to the quick!

  3. i love the tie! he looks really happy to be there too.....

    i think weekly pictures of the new meals that randy cooks up are a must:).

  4. Hmmmm, well you can tell Duncan that when he gets into the business world that when asked which I favor, white-collar or blue-collar that his Uncle John is in favor of open-collar (free enterprise).

    Just say no to Alexander, Wamp, Obama and McCain!! (all bailouters must depart).

  5. While clothes don't exactly make the man, they do go a long way! I found out my high school debaters have a completely different persona in their debate "uniform" suits.

    Thanks for linking to Countdown to College! You'll find me on Blogger, too, doing more homey Mom writing at

    I love your "Reads" site!

  6. Just saying hi! back. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  7. He looks simply capital in the tie! What a charming little bloke


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