Friday, October 24, 2008

I Like My Friends

I have such nice people in my life. I love that I have spontaneous friends who changed their plans so that we can hang out tonight at our house. I'm waiting for these three friends to arrive from up north. I have two soups simmering on the stove and three loaves of focaccia ready to put in the oven. Tomorrow morning we'll head up to the northeast corner of the state to attend alumni weekend at our college. We'll find lots more friends there to hang out with, reminisce, and hopefully eat some good food. I really like my friends.

But what's really amazing to me is that, not only do I get to spend the weekend with old friends, but I got to spend the afternoon with everyday friends. Isn't that a nice way to think about them? I love that my friends feel comfortable enough in my house to sit around my dining room table to chat while I kneaded bread. And I can't even believe that one friend ran to the grocery store for me to pick up all the things I needed for those soups that are now simmering on the stove! And yet another friend washed my pots and pans for me while I cooked! (Thank you, Tammy and Sheila!)

And my sweet parents have also been great friends. This morning my mom came over and cleaned our guest apartment for me while she did her laundry. How outrageously kind was that? And my dad stopped by the grocery store early this morning to pick me up a gallon of milk, having heard me mention last night at dinner that we were out.

I'm feeling quite enveloped in the blessings of friendships and a sweet, sweet life.


  1. ((sigh)), isn't that an awesome feeling?! Hope you have a great evening & weekend! I'm secretly wishing I was there, too. :)

  2. Sounds like a very sweet, blessed life! have a fun weekend.

  3. After spending part of the day with those same three friends, I was thinking the same thing. My husband didn't have the same experience we did with college and has maybe one friend from that time in his life. I love that I have not seen Jonathan since Tom's wedding and he can walk in my house and say that he feels like he's home! We really did have a great college experience and I, like you, feel that same blessed feeling. Everyday friends are good as well.

  4. oooops, I published that without finishing it! My closest friends here in Cincinnati live 30 minutes from me. It makes it a bit difficult, but we really try to have some sort of community. I do wish they all lived on my street. What I really want is a commune:). You are going to love having your parents near. We've lived by mine for 10 years now and it's been great for my kids.

  5. This is a great post, Sarah!! I hope you guys had a lot of fun a Milligan this weekend. We had a blast two years ago at my reunion. . . well, I did. I'm not sure about Mark! :)


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