Saturday, October 4, 2008

Young Archeologists

I've had the pleasure of keeping Donna's Caleb this weekend, and these two have been non-stop adventure for the past 24+ hours (except for the 11 hours that they slept).Yesterday's adventures included crawling in a drainage pipe at a park. This morning they could hardly wait to get out and go for an archeological dig.

They have a special spot a few blocks away by the airport where they'd found shards of pottery several months ago. Their goal was to find more pottery to add to their collection.

Their first stop was this woods, where they were instructed not to pick up anything metal, glass, or suspicious looking. I'm not sure how little boys determine what is suspicious vs. what is a treasure, but they didn't come out of the woods with anything scary.

Wistfully the boys scan the airport grounds. They see tremendous potential for adventure behind this fence. They do contemplate scaling the fence, as all boys would like to do. That's why boys have mothers.

They hit the jackpot along this old "creek bed" (in reality, an old culvert from a neighborhood that used to be here).

The young archeologists confer: is this a matching piece of pottery?

Sometimes the treasure lies right beneath your feet.

Caleb thinks he's found a piece of volcanic rock.

Duncan concurs.

The boys uncovered so many shards of this ancient pot that we had to go home, get the van, and drive back to pick it all up.

Back at home, they devised a pulley system to haul their goods up to their tree-house laboratory. (And also their lunch.)

Success! The rest of the afternoon they are spending sorting and labeling their finds.

An October day, well spent.


  1. Aw, my Cristian would have had so much fun with them!!! All those things look right up his alley. :)

  2. My son would have loved to be a part of their day. What fun!

    And this I LOVED:

    They do contemplate scaling the fence, as all boys would like to do. That's why boys have mothers.

  3. Lovely hunt! Our favorite thing to do around here, too.

  4. So glad the clarification was made that they were looking for pottery, not pot. And I love that Duncan is wearing a CSI shirt...makes it a little more mysterious...

  5. Mine would love a dig like that. It was the highlight of their week last year when they unearthed a hubcap in our backyard.


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