Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Students

Because this one…

who was homeschooled since second grade, is just days away from leaving the nest (wanna get weepy? read this), I am left with these two beautiful, amazing creations:

Duncan, our youngest, will be in 4th grade or thereabouts. At nine, he's taller than most of his 11-year-old friends. I am thinking he'll skip a grade eventually. But for now, he is all about Legos, video games (let's be honest), riding his bike, Cub Scouts, hiking, his grandparents, his family, and eating. He's an easy student, smart and mostly cooperative. I adore him.

And this beauty is my 8th-grade daughter. She takes my breath away, just as she has since the moment she was born. She is kind, generous, big-hearted, compassionate, and very funny. She is a wonderful friend to me and her many girlfriends, and I cherish each day with her. She's also well on her way to being a great cook. She is smart and a quick student, always precise in her work without being a perfectionist. I'm crazy about her.

This year, we're spending our days in Narnia. Because who wouldn't want to?

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  1. Oh, I'm so not ready to see my kiddos graduate...and time is already flying by! You have a beautiful family~have a wonderful year!

  2. So cute! I love how your daughter looks in her glasses. Your son sounds big for nine. That was a beautiful post about your oldest.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Oh I remember when my kids left the nest... yes I was a bit weepy but as a friend once told me "it just keeps getting better"... and it has! I now work in my sons office and I have a wonderful little granddaughter! and yes my kids are even more fun than when they were home! Enjoy... Your kids sound amazing! Thanks for visiting Color Chic!

  4. Adorable kids! I can't imagine mine leaving the nest yet, but I'm sure they will be ready long before I am... Have a fun year of homeschooling!


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